Welcome to Robotics Boot Camp!

Learn How to Build and Program a Robot

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build and program a Robot? Then This Mini Robotics Boot Camp is for you!

Get your child into robotics and unlock your child’s potential at ROBOTICS BOOT CAMP.


The Robotic Boot Camp is an excellent opportunity for interested students to learn the basics of robotics and trains students who have the passion to excel in building and programming robots to take in any International robotics competitions.

Students learn how to design, build and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robotics kit under the instructions of a capable robotics trainer during the boot camp. Students will work to design, build and program a robot to perform a number of tasks.

The robotics boot camp also helps learners to develop their creativity and overall problem-solving abilities as these are really vital skills that they can make use of throughout their lives.

Students will get important information about the robotics competitions like FLL, WRO, Robot Challenge, Robocop and GISUTECH.  Participating in these robotics competitions is an exciting experience for anyone interested in robotics and engineering. It is a wonderful opportunity to see how mathematics, science, and communication skills transform into fully functional robots.

What Students Learn:

Introduction of Robotics

How to follow building guides

How to build a new LEGO robot design

How to program a robot using EV3

Introduction to the FLL, GISUTECH, WRO, Robot Challenge, RoboCup competitions

How to design and program a Line follower Robot

How to design and program a Lego Sumo Robot 

A lot of hands-on learning and practice

Team building and problem-solving strategies

Fun activities during camp

Camp Dates & Registration:

Camp Hours: 9:30 AM – 4 PM (Full Day) |

Age limit from 10 yrs to 16 yrs

Register Now: Please send an E-mail to or call +256782051178 to register your child.

Requirements: No prior technical knowledge is required. This camp requires no previous robotics or engineering experience. Each student will be provided a robotics kit and computer during the camp. They can also bring their computers.

Equipment and Software Used:

In this camp, students will use the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT&EV3 course set and NXT&EV3 Programming System. Students will get access to a laptop in order to program their robot. 

The benefit of the program:

At the end of this boot camp, students will be able to design and program their own robots. They will also get familiar with international competitions. They can participate in these competitions to computer other students from all around the world.


The cost is only $100 for the 2 days robotics boot camp and food is provided.

The camp is first-come, first-served, so sign up now!

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions. 


Don’t miss this robotics boot camp being offered by Mr. Mikail Alici and give your child 21st-century skill set to solve real-world problems.

How do I turn in the registration form and payment?

Please mail the form and payment to the club. 

You can drop it off (in an envelope) at Galaxy International School Uganda.

If you registered electronically, Please visit school accountant to make your payment in on the first day of camp will also be accepted. 

Camp Overview + Schedule

Take a look at your camp schedule, learn more about the program.

09:00 am Check-in and drop off

09:30 am Hands-on Robotics Instruction

10:30 am Morning Break

10:45 am Continued Instruction + Creation

12:30 am Lunch Break

1:00 pm Back to the Classroom

2:30 pm Afternoon Break

2:45 pm Continued Classroom Time 

4:00 pm Pick-up Begins

Please note that the end of the camp, each student will receive a certificate of competency, each student will have a one-minute robotics promo video and professional photos will send parents by email.

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