A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” By Charles Bradford ‘Brad’ Henry, an American lawyer, politician and former Governor of Oklahoma.

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method that allows students to gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. I like to use PBL during after-school (co-curriculum) activities.

I always encourage my students to think of something new or original, create a project around it, solve world’s problem and participate in competitions at the international level.


Hand Sanitizer Robot

I’m so proud of my Robotics Club Students who in times of the COVID19 pandemic have designed and programmed an automated hand sanitizer robot.

Speech Controlled Robot Arms (Click Here to Read More)

Robotics is becoming more and more popular. Robots are even being developed to help people in their daily lives.

The students at Galaxy International School Uganda felt the need to put their Robotics knowledge, talent and skills to good use for a noble cause. They made a robot that would make a difference to the lives of people without limbs (hands) by helping them complete different daily tasks. The Robot Arm idea was an inspiration from their visit to the Kampala School for the Handicapped where met children with disabilities struggling to complete simple tasks. They were deeply touched, wanted to help out the best way they could and voila! the Speech Controlled Robot Arm was born.

Lego Slider Pro Project (Click Here to Read More)

Can you record yourself with a slider? You think it is impossible? Well now it is possible with our project: Lego Slider Pro. In this project, we have designed a slider controller with an NXT brick. We used 2 motors for the slider to slide. We also have created an application to control the robot with (as seen in the video) It is used for sliding the slider by yourself and more accurately. It is also recommended if you have a shaky camera.

Solar Powered App-Controlled Car Project- SPACC (Click Here to Read More)

Robotics is playing an ever greater role in our world. What I did was try to create an application to control a car. The SPACC is controlled by an app, which I made using MIT Inverter and powered by solar energy, meaning that a solar panel will be attached to it. For now SPACC is just a prototype of what is to come in the future. The fact that the car is solar powered means that it won’t release carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide into the air, thus reducing global warming, air pollution and plant deaths (meaning that it is environment-friendly). Being controlled by an app is just a more modern way of doing things. This project will help busy people and reduce driver cost. For Example: Parents can control the SPACC with their phones to pick up their children from school to bring them home.

How to make an Android APP with MIT Invertor

How to make an android app – GISU app by Joel Kayanja year 10-A.

Meal Advisor APP Project

Genius Olympiad

How to Use Project

Low Key Photography Tutorial -PBL Project

Lego Mindstorms ev3 Rubic Cube Solver

How to Build a Cooling Fan with Lego WeDo 2.0


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