Security Camera with Open CV& Python

Smart Security Camera with a webcam and Open CV & Python Our goal is to create a program in Python that when a camera detects a human’s face it will notify the owner by sending them an email. Our project covers the fundamentals of coding and design planning. In addition, our project covers the concepts of “Open CV” in Python. Understanding the concepts of coding contains variables (Hold Information) and data structures (Streamline data).

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STEM SOS is a rigorous, interdisciplinary, standards-focused, and engaging STEM teaching approach that is teacher-facilitated, student-centered and directed through sets of project- and inquiry-based (P&IBL) projects. This PBL approach is to maintain the focus on standards-based teaching while enriching and extending the learning of students through PBL projects. The goal is to promote not only collaborative skills and student ownership of learning but also to promote student success in state and national standards.

Open CV Security Camera PBL Website

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