Innovation has no limit!

We are profoundly proud of our GISU robotics club that invented an automated hand sanitizing robot.

The project that was welcomed by the Ministry Of Health and appeared in the in the Daily Monitor of the 21st September 2020. This e idea was developed by Enes Kut & Agaba (year 11)under the supervision of their tutor Mr. Mikail Alici.


The Rebirth of knowledge as GISU learners designs a high-tech Robot that helps in hand sanitizing. With the standard operating procedures already set by the ministry of health and education, one now cogitates on how best technology can be of importance in such a situation.

GISU Robotics students participated in different international Olympiads and created many projects, seem to be having the answer.

With the knowledge gained over time, these learners have everything to put into play. As the current pandemic continues to ravage the world, the Robotics club members at GISU have instead welcomed the moment with open hands.

Like it is said, even in thousand of year of drought, the green always surfaces the learners here are busy turning the negative into positive. The futuristic idea was developed by their innovative instructor Mr. Mikail Alici who kept guiding the group.

This high-tech innovation is a true definition and representation of what the Robotics club at galaxy is capable of doing. The enormous exposure provided by the school and the difference International Olympiads like the GISU tech have now brought out the true definition of why schools should embrace technology in their day to day running.

Dreaming is not what you see when sleeping, but what you do not to sleep. With projects like the robot hand sanitizer the tech world is now at its right path.


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