Hello there! Welcome to my website. My name is Mikail Alici from Turkey. If Americans can’t go a day without their great coffee, then I can’t go a day without technology!

I started my career as both an Information Communication & Technology teacher, and a Robotics teacher. I have taught Cambridge ICT Starter and Cambridge IGCSE Information & Communication Technology courses and the Assistant Director of Information Technology, Innovation, and Project and Marketing, at Galaxy International School Uganda (GISU). I’m currently working as a Computer Science & Digital Media Teacher and Drone& Robotics Club Coach at Harmony School of Advancement Houston.

I have a strong information technology professional with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, (Texas, USA) and Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Education. Over the past 9 years, I have had the opportunity to witness such experiences firsthand through my Computer Science lessons and Robotics clubs. I believe that children shine when they are given a task with the ability to complete and reflect on what they have done. Nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment they get!

The world of technology is super exciting and inspiring. My students have been motivated to challenge themselves and work on creative science and technology projects in some of the international competitions I prepare them for. International Robotic competitions like First Tech Competition, RoboCup, Infomatrix, GISUTECH, and Genius Olympiad.  The students always look forward to winning medals, traveling the world, finding new inspiration, and making new friends.

I had a chance to travel to different countries. Experiencing new cultures has given me fresh ideas in line with pursuing my projects and the opportunity to expand my realities beyond in science and technology. I have been to the USA, UK, Romania, Belgium, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

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