Lego NXT Sumo Programming

We used this lego sumo this program to participate in the gisutech competition ( and we won a gold medal. You can download our program on theĀ  What is lego sumo : Two self-controlled robots compete and try to push their competitor off the field. The field is round and the interior surface is painted black and is bordered with a white margin. In each competition, two robots...
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Steel Wool Photography – Behind the Scenes

My students asked me how I do steel wool photography; here is the video when they were learning Steel Wool Photography. Enjoy!!! I recorded the video with a Phantom 3 professional to make a slow motion with 60fps. Gear I used for the photo: Canon 6d with 50mm lens. f/8.0, 1/15 sec, ISO-100, 50mm Students: Canon 600d with 28-105mm lens. Video: Canon XA20 Camcorder Check out all my photos on...
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