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My name is Mikail Alici from Turkey. If Americans can’t go a day without their great coffee, then I can’t go a day without technology! I have taught and still teach ICT (Information Communication Technology) in schools at the primary and secondary level since 2013 in the pearl of Africa “Uganda”. Speaking about Uganda, I love this place, the weather is great, people are friendly and the food is awesome.

Over the years, I have taught and interacted with amazing students from  USA, UK, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea and several other 40 different nationalities.

Every Child has potential and like any other great teacher, I am here to help foster that potential so that they have the confidence to pursue their dreams with ambition and undying interest. I love to see the pure excitement children have for learning new things.

Over the past 6 years, I have had the opportunity to witness such experiences first hand through my ICT lessons and Robotics club. I believe children shine when they are given a task (building or programming robots) with the ability to complete and reflect on what they have done. Nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment they get!

The world of technology is super exciting and inspiring. My students have been motivated to challenge themselves and work on creative science and technology projects in some of the international competitions I prepare them for. The international Robotic competitions like First Lego League, RoboCup, Infomatrix, GISUTECH, and Robot Challenge. For the students they always look forward to winning medals, traveling the world, finding new inspiration and making new friends.

Traveling to several countries and experiencing new cultures has given me fresh ideas for my projects and the opportunity to expand my reality beyond just science and technology. I have traveled to USA, UK, Romania, Belgium, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

I hope to inspire more people with all the things I am passionate about like Photography, Robotics, Technology, and Education.

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Mikail Alici


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